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Swing Diffuser | Green Foxtail and Whorled Umbrella Plant

Swing Diffuser | Green Foxtail and Whorled Umbrella Plant

Refresh your brain by swinging our diffuser or gently pressing the wooden base of the diffuser using your fingertips. Swing our diffuser to spread a pleasant smell into the air, relaxing your brain. Enjoy that few seconds of complete relaxation before returning back to your life or work fully recharged.


We adopt delicate woodworking to express plant vigor, and use light lines to express the sense of vitality that nature evokes when we are outdoors.


Green Foxtail 

Green foxtail flowers made using wool and needle felt can be disassembled and replaced.


Whorled Umbrella Plant

The areas where essential oils drip onto can be replaced to allow for aroma changes.


We hope that our Swing Diffuser can offer you a sense of peace in your life.

  • Alternatively, use the whole plant as a diffuser

    For customers who do not need aroma changes, they may use our swing diffuser set to absorb the essential oils. 

  • Kind reminder

    Color changes in our diffuser over time or because different essential oils have been used are normal occurrences.


    Please keep our diffuser away from fire to avoid accidents from occurring.

    The green foxtail flowers are where essential oils drip on will change colors over time or when they are exposed to different essential oils. Please do not be alarmed when this happens.


    To maintain favorable wood conditions during everyday use, please keep our diffusers away from sunlight or humid environments for an extended period of time.

  • Product Info


    Green Foxtail


    Whorled Umbrella Plant






    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted

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