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A Scene on the Dining Table | The Toast-shaped Coaster Set

A Scene on the Dining Table | The Toast-shaped Coaster Set


We strive to integrate the aesthetics of life into our works because they are the essence of life and will help our works blend smoothly into people’s daily life, highlighting the wonderful things in it.The coaster set improves the atmosphere and visual impacts; it is also nice to use.Every single piece of work is authentic and can make your life a little bit better, serving purposes in ways exceeding their value as a mere object, so people will continue to use it.The part of the toast facing outward can hold cups or other small things. Once flipped over, the toast can be used as a plate.


A complete set includes five pieces of toast and a holding plate.

It can serve practical purposes or become a part of the scenery at the table.



The holding plate can also be used as a utensil. Flipped to the other side, it becomes a bread plate or a pot coaster.



Toast is one of the must-have household foods. Toast can have a calming effect on families with children. For example, if kids get tired and hungry after playing in the afternoon, parents can prepare toast with butter for them. If you get up too late in the morning, a fried egg seasoned with sea salt, two pieces of toast, and a cup of orange juice will be enough to power you through the morning. Before bed, drinking a cup of milk and sharing a piece of whole-wheat toast with your hungry partner will enable you to go to bed feeling satisfied.

  • Product Info




    Coaster/Small Plate(cm)



    Bread Plate(cm)




    White Oak


    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted


  • Must-knows before your purchase|訂購須知

    Every product is made and delivered by us instead of being bulk-manufactured in factories. If you are under time pressure, feel free to contact us to discuss the date of delivery before placing an order, and we will try our best to meet your demand.





  • Extra services

    Inscriptions by hand

    Every lamp is inscribed with a unique code for identification purposes. In addition, we can also inscribe (up to ten) English letters for you based on your request. The letters will be inscribed by hand. If you need the inscription to be in other languages, or wish to include more letters, please contact us.


    Message cards

    We can write message cards on behalf of our customers. If you want to attach a handwritten message card to your gifting order, please contact us and let us know the message you wish to write on the card.


    We hope our products can fully convey thoughts from both you and us!

  • A Special Note

    ▍The product is made of wood. If you want to prevent the wooden fiber from altering, avoid putting watery dishes on the plate. Also, dry it immediately after washing it.The plate will look different because of how people use them.


    ▍Apply German-made natural oil finishes

    To extend the product lifetime, we suggest that you apply oil finishes regularly to protect the wood and ensure a good user experience.

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