When we look at the water lily prospectively,

We would always only see the appearance of it floating on the surface of the water.

But when I saw the form of it being planted in the glass vessel,

I was deeply attracted to the vertical vessel of it growing out of the soil.

Between the intangible imagination and the tangible forms,

The water lily appeared to be like the electrical cable dangling down from the wall.

This created infinite possibilities.


Sometimes when I lie in bed,

I would imagine the ceiling to be like the horizon,

if gravity was to be suddenly lost then I would fall to the ceiling.

If this product is to be placed near the bedhead,

in all of a sudden You could turn yourself into a fish in the sea,

Raising your head up to look at the leaf of the water lily up above in the waters.

Why wont we created our own imagination in the space we are in?

Under the water, something that only belongs to us.


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Under the Water | night light

  • USB Plug

    We selected making USB plug so that it would not let different voltage in different countries limit its usage. It can also be directly plugged into computer or mobile charger. It is not limited by type of plugs. Need to prepare a USB plug by self if inserting into a plug.

    LED Light 

    Select of high quality LED light, the life is 20000 hours Does not induce heat while using it, but can bring warm light into the space.

    Create your own Lamp

    The vessel is designed to be adjustable. While using the lamp you could use it accordingly to your aesthetic perception in order to create your own .

    Stone Switch

    The switch is designed to be a stone. Place the stone onto the surface of a set area for it to gradually light up. To dim it simply just move the stone away.

    Gradual light and dimness

    We utilize the handmade circuit to fulfill ‘Under the Water night light’ with vitality, and to enable it to replace the traditional lamps that gradually lighten and dim down. 


    We include and attach our handmade string linen bag. If the product is for a gift, it will give a presentable look and a heart full of appreciation. We also hope that after the product has been placed out of the bag, the packaging bag can still be continuously used.




    Light Source

    3W warm white LED


    Interactive Switch

    Imput Voltage

    5V / USB

    Cord Length

    90 cm


    White Oak


     Made in Taiwan Hand crafted



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Weiting Kao   

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