The Dandelion | night light

The Dandelion | night light


The Dandelion is a unique and hand-made interactive light.

Blow the top of the dandelion to turn on the lamp,

and observe the light of the dandelion fade to life.


Made from Ash,Hinoki,copper,wool felt,and fabric.

Constructed using high-quality LEDs and batteries,

it can be placed in the best position without the obstruction of wires.

It is not limited by voltage and can be easily used world-wide.


Blow at the dandelion to turn the light on


The wooden base was designed to reflect the fertility of soil. It also helps to blend the walnut battery box nicely with the whole work. The cover of the battery box was made of walnut wood to blend nicely into the lamp.  The dandelion is made of cloth, reflecting the warm feeling brought by greens that we saw everywhere during our life in the countryside over the past few years. The bendable copper veins enable users to shape the lamp as they want. We also incorporated the love for our children and our lives as they grew up into the dandelion. We hope that every single piece of work lives and changes over time, like the use of wood. Although we always refer to them as “works,” I hope they can live in their own unique ways. As we always say on the message cards attached to our products, we hope that the piece you bought can bring you some soft and enriching moments in life.







運用用木頭將近四年前雛型中的水泥底座,由冷靜轉化為溫潤, 也由原來鋭利的方形改為接近土壤的豐潤。 把提供能量的電池盒蓋利用胡桃木拼色與作品結合為一體。 這幾年在鄉下生活,隨手即可碰觸的綠意, 藉由布織品將這份生活給予我們的溫柔,植入蒲公英裡, 我們也希望透過做為葉脈的紅銅可拗折的特性,讓每一盞蒲公英在進入每個空間後, 讓使用的人,將它成為自己的樣貌。 在製作上我們也將這幾年對孩子的愛及伴隨著孩子而成長的生活,揉合進蒲公英裡。 創作時,我們總希望每一件作品都是真實地活著,就像木頭的使用,會依著時間而產生變化。 而雖總是說著作品,但我們仍希望每一件進入空間的他們,都能被真實地使用著,長出他們自己的樣子。 如同以往,也如同我們隨每一件作品附上小卡片所寫的-期待為你/妳製作的作品,能為你/妳帶來更溫潤的生活片刻。



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  • Product Info | 詳細資訊



    Light Source/光源

    3W warm white LED


    Interactive Switch

    Imput Voltage/輸入電壓

    AA battery X 3



    Maple楓木/Walnut胡桃木/Wool flet 羊毛氈

    High-quality materials for electronic products高級電子材料


    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted


  • Product features |作品特色

    ▎Powered by batteries

    Products powered by batteries don’t have to be placed near charging sockets. You can put them wherever you want.



    ▎LED bulbs

    The high-quality LED bulbs we use have up to 20,000 hours of lifespan. They do not emit heat when in use, but they can surely warm up the space with their yellow light.



    ▎Compound materials

    The dandelion is made of wood felt to demonstrate its gentleness. The leaves, featuring bendable skeletons that enable reshaping, are made of fabric, a material that can recreate the luster and softness of real leaves. The stem, meanwhile, is made of forged copper and embodies the energy of life.




    ▎Fade in and out  light

    We spent a huge amount of time studying electric circuits because we want to use a fade in/out effect for the work, instead of adopting the traditional design that controls the light with a flip of a switch. In this way, we can demonstrate the inspiration we got from the mushroom we saw the other day.




    Every piece of work came from our hands. Upon completion, we iron the brand logo, inscribe a code on the craftwork, and even allow customized inscriptions, giving every craftwork a unique identity.



    Every product is attached with a homemade drawstring pocket. The product-and-bag combination can be a good gifting choice because the recipient can immediately see your thoughts for him/her. We hope the attached bag will continue to be used even after the product is taken out and placed in the house.




  • Non-expiring post-sales service|購買後將提供永久的維修服務

    If you have any questions concerning the usage of our products, feel free to contact us, so we can help you solve your problems. You are also welcome to mail your products back to us for maintenance. Our post-sales service is non-expiring; customers only have to pay fees for materials and shipment back and forth to enjoy the service.



  • Must-knows before your purchase | 訂購須知

    Every product is made and delivered by us instead of being bulk-manufactured in factories. If you are under time pressure, feel free to contact us to discuss the date of delivery before placing an order, and we will try our best to meet your demand.



  • Extra services |額外服務

    ✔Inscriptions by hand

    Every lamp is inscribed with a unique code for identification purposes. In addition, we can also inscribe (up to ten) English letters for you based on your request. The letters will be inscribed by hand. If you need the inscription to be in other languages, or wish to include more letters, please contact us.


    ✔Message cards

    We can write message cards on behalf of our customers. If you want to attach a handwritten message card to your gifting order, please contact us and let us know the message you wish to write on the card.


    We hope our products can fully convey thoughts from both you and us!