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  • FAQ
    For all LED lights | 所有LED燈飾作品 Q: The light bulb is broken. Can I change it myself? A: Please take the broken product to us for repair. However, the light bulbs we use are all high-quality ones with lifespans of up to 20,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry too much about its malfunctioning. Q:燈泡壞了可以自己換嗎? A:如果燈泡壞了,需要找我們維修喔,不過由於我們選用的是高品質的燈泡,使用壽命為20000小時,可以不用太擔心它的實用性。 Q: My lamp is broken. What should I do? A: Every single one of our products is designed and made by us. We feel as if we were sending our children to you when delivering the products, and we hope that you will continue to use and love them. Feel free to contact us if you need maintenance. You only have to pay fees for shipment and materials to enjoy our non-expiring maintenance service. We also provide a one-year guarantee for every product, during which time they can be repaired or replaced if the damage is not caused by human factors. Q:燈壞了怎麼辦? A:MoziDozen的每一件作品皆為親自設計及親手製作,每一件送至客人手中的作品就像是我們的孩子一樣,我們期待大家在購入後能夠持續的使用,如使用後有需要維修的狀況,歡迎隨時跟我們聯繫,僅需負擔運費及基本的材料費用,我們無限期地為大家提供維修的服務。 並提供一年保固,於期間內非人為因素造成的損壞,將提供免費維修或換新的服務。 The Sheep and The Sheep in the Woods | 綿羊小夜燈及森林裡的羊 Q: The sheep is dirty. What can I do? A: The fleece is made of wool felt, which is washable. (Please refer to the owner’s manual for how to wash it.) We can also replace the fleece for you. Q:如果綿羊髒了怎麼辦? A.綿羊身體外部的材質為羊毛氈,在使用後如遇髒污,可以清洗喲。 (實際的清洗方式請參考我們隨作品附上的說明書) 如需要將羊毛換新,我們也有提供換新的服務。 The Dandelion | 蒲公英小夜燈 Q: The dandelion is dirty. What can I do? A: We can replace the wood felt part for you. Please contact us if you need any help. We hope you will continue to use our products. Q:如果蒲公英的頭髒了怎麼辦? A:我們有提供換新的服務喔,有任何需要都可以跟我們聯絡,僅希望客人可以持續地使用。
  • Must-knows before your purchase
    Every product is made and delivered by us instead of being bulk-manufactured in factories. If you are under time pressure, feel free to contact us to discuss the date of delivery before placing an order, and we will try our best to meet your demand.
  • Maintenance
    Life Style Products in this series are all made of wood and are applied with gloss upon completion, which helps the wood breathe and protect it. When it comes to using the wooden utensils, you should avoid soaking them in water, or loading them with watery dishes. You should also wipe and dry them up immediately after washing them. You can apply a thin layer of cooking oil regularly to keep them in a good condition. Lamps and lights Every product is attached with an owner’s manual; please refer to it for more information. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.
  • Non-expiring post-sales service
    If you have any questions concerning the usage of our products, feel free to contact us, so we can help you solve your problems. You are also welcome to mail your products back to us for maintenance. Our post-sales service is non-expiring; customers only have to pay fees for materials and shipment back and forth to enjoy the service.
  • Business talks concerning other aspects
    Feel free to contact us if you are interested in partnering with us in delivery and sales We can collaborate with businesses of similar nature or ideas. Feel free to contact us through emails, and make sure that you include information about your business and specify the aspects you want to work on with us. Please
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