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Let our works express the inspirations of life and pass them on to people, so that

they can find their enthusiasm in everyday life.



Founded in 2009, our brand upholds the core philosophy of “Inspired by the beautiful moments and feelings in life, we make living utensils and lamps by hand to showcase the warmth that life has to offer” and insist on maintaining craftsmanship features and quality.












We produce most of our products using wood as our main material, while incorporating various materials, such as wool felt and paper pulp. Moreover, we use the CNC inside our studio to fabricate blanks and hand polish them into finished products that demonstrate the beauty and warmth of wood in its purest form to serve our customers in their daily lives.





















We use “the beautiful moments of life” as the source of our inspiration, such as (a) placing dandelion seeds blown by children in the wild or flowers arranged using wild flowers and grass inside flower containers to add warmth to life; (b) creating lamps that illuminate after children fall asleep (as they listen to bedtime stories told by their parents) as a way of providing the children company. Our products are practical and, because of their interactive usage methods, enable our customers to use them at ease and be moved emotionally. Furthermore, we uphold the philosophies of endeavoring in pure creation, adding warmth to our customers’ lives through our products, and making our brand unique.


To achieve brand sustainability and protect the Earth, our studio offers lifetime maintenance services. We will repair our products for our customers no matter what the problems or date of manufacture. The reason why we offer such a guarantee is because as far as we are concerned, our customers coming back to us signifies that our products have become an important part of their lives. We use honeycomb paper and self-made cloth bags as our packaging materials because we prefer packaging materials that can be used repeatedly, minimizing the burden we impose on the planet, making small contributions to the protection of the environment, thereby fulfilling our responsibilities as manufacturers.


Our design concepts are creating products that can add warmth to our customers’ lives and engender a sense of aesthetics when they are used.

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