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Let our works express the inspirations of life and pass them on to people, so that

they can find their enthusiasm in everyday life.


The name “MoziDozen” can be divided into two parts: Mozi and Dozen. Mozi is derived from the surname of the founder, Yi-Da Lee, as the word “Lee” can be dissected into “wood (pronounced as mo) and child (zi).” Dozen derives from the pronunciation of the first name, Yi-Da, which sounds the same as “dozen” in Chinese.



We are dedicated to living life, and are enthusiastic about woodwork and fond of lamp crafting, insisting on originality.


The beauty of life has inspired us to create wooden houseware, home decorations, 

and lamps in our studio. For our family and for our customers, we create warmth, 

insist on details, and pursuit of quality. Wishing our creations can be used reliably 

and consistently, we also provide a long-term warranty and repair service. 

Our creations are mostly made from wood, be we also combine felt, 

pulp, and/or epoxy, to help us present the quality and beauty.


For the past 10 years, we have worked manually with power tools, 

yet 2019 we started working with CNC (to help manufacture the most popular products).

We consider this new technology as a partner, we choose to let it join our studio, 

to help create with us. For the better quality and flexibility, 

we do not outsource to other businesses.

產品的製作,主要材質為木頭,在互動式燈具使用其餘能幫助我們呈現其質地的材質,如羊毛氈、紙漿、樹脂等,在工作室近十年的歷程中,我們全為手工搭配電動工具製作。在今年,我們為求取得更多時間製作新作品及有更精確、更有效率的製作,開始使用CNC(Computer Numerical Control)加工,為追求品質及創作彈性,我們不是選擇交給工廠代工生產,而是將新技術視為工作夥伴,讓它加入工作室,與我們一起創造新產品。將更多的心力專注於加工後的砂磨加工,持續透過細緻的木頭質地,讓我們所喜愛木質,得到最溫潤及純粹的表現。

Every one of these pieces of art is invested with devotion, 

We like to keep blank spaces on our works to encourage users make them their own. 

To different users, there are different appearances, since every piece of art is hand-made 

made to be perfect (in it’s own way). Every work is made and packaged by our hands, 

they are just like our children. Vitality, perseverance, and dedication, 

that is the most common feedback from our customers who have felt the warmth 

and hard-work form our creations.


Members of the studio  



Director-Dozen Lee

      李易達 (Yi-Da Lee)


A self-taught carpenter when he was still studying at school, Dozen incorporated concepts of mechanics he had learned and founded MoziDozen Studio in Kaohsiung in 2009. He has created a wide variety of daily goods and furniture, and is especially passionate about making lamps. Most of his craftworks are inspired by feelings triggered by his life. After his daughter’s birth, he embarked on the career of creating interactive lamps; he turned the inspirations of life into woodcraft via his carpenter skills, creating crafts with warmth: even a flip of a switch becomes a powerful process through which warmth floods into people’s life.  In 2017, Dozen published a book titled Woody Feel Life with the publisher, MorningStar, and received the PUA Maker’s Award at Pop Up Asia 2019. In 2020, he moved from Tainan to Taitung with his family, hoping to create works closer to people’s life experiences while accompanying his kids as they grow up in a less sophisticated environment.



Manager-Wei-Ting Kao

     高薇婷 (Wei-Ting Gao)

Since childhood, Matilda has been mesmerized by craft. She likes crafting-making by hand, especially making things with fabrics. She got to know Dozen when he lectured in a woodworking workshop in 2010. They fell in love, managed the studio together, and started a family.  She is currently serving as the studio manager while working as a part-time creator. She is also in charge of photography, social media, quality control, customer service, and public relations. Thanks to her, Dozen can focus on his creations, and the studio can also operate smoothly.





     黃文鈴 (Wen-Ling Huang)

Panda joined MoziDozen in 2013, assisting Dozen in his craft. In 2015, she founded Woof & Goods with her husband; the shop is a pet accessories shop promoting pet-friendly concepts. Yet she remains a partner of MoziDozen and is now responsible for model building.


2013年加入MoziDozen Studio,協助Dozen各項製作。2015年與另一半成立汪事屋,致力於寵物友善,目前與MoziDozen仍是工作夥伴,協助模型代工。



     高瀅茹 (Ying-Ru Gao)

Lulu joined MoziDozen in 2020 and is working to become the chief assistant of the studio.

2020年加入MoziDozen Studio,目前朝著成為MoziDozen首席助手前進。


Our inspiration – Jasmine and Bella






Jasmine and Bella, daughters of Dozen and Matilda, inspired many popular craftworks produced by the studio. They are good at mimicking animals, scampering around the house, and they can use whatever materials are available at hand to play all kinds of games. Their existence bestows MoziDozen with unparalleled life experiences and energy for creation.