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The Mushroom | night light

The Mushroom | night light

The Mushroom is a unique and hand-made interactive light.

Place  the Secret Stone to turn on the lamp,

and observe the light of the mushroom fade to life.

The stone-shape switch is activated by using carefully hidden magnets Made from Maple, White Oak, and pulp.

Constructed using high-quality LEDs and batteries,

it can be placed in the best position without the obstruction of wires.

It is not limited by voltage and can be easily used world-wide.


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After my daughter was born, I had always contemplated about the inventions that I could produce to interact with her. One day, as I took her hiking,I saw the white mushroom that had grown out from the decayed wood in the nook, and felt the pulsations seeing the life-force of the nature. I longed to share with her who had fallen into deep slumber. I wanted to share this with her though she was asleep. Therefore, The Mushroom Light took form.


  • Product Info



    Light Source

    3W warm white LED


    Interactive Switch

    Imput Voltage

    AA battery X 3



    Maple/White Oak/plup

    High-quality materials for electronic products


    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted

  • Non-expiring post-sales service

    If you have any questions concerning the usage of our products, feel free to contact us, so we can help you solve your problems. You are also welcome to mail your products back to us for maintenance. Our post-sales service is non-expiring; customers only have to pay fees for materials and shipment back and forth to enjoy the service.

  • Product features

    ▎Powered by batteries

    Products powered by batteries don’t have to be placed near charging sockets. You can put them wherever you want.


    The high-quality LED  we use have up to 20,000 hours of lifespan. They do not emit heat when in use, but they can surely warm up the space with their yellow light.

    ▎Compound materials

    We mixed paper pulp and cypress slivers to recreate the softness and texture of the cap for the Mushroom, which is combined with a wooden stem to create a gentle atmosphere.

    ▎Fade in and out  light

    We spent a huge amount of time studying electric circuits because we want to use a fade in/out effect for the Mushroom, instead of adopting the traditional design that controls the light with a flip of a switch. In this way, we can demonstrate the inspiration we got from the mushroom we saw the other day.

    ▎Stone-like switch

    The stone on the base is a  switch. Place it inside the designated area or remove it to turn on/off the light.

    ▎A gift for kids

    This is a gift for kids. The original idea was an interactive light that helps little kids learn how to hold things. The light will accompany them as they grow up: they might put the stone-liked switch in their mouths at the beginning, then try to place the stone on the base, with their face lighting up when they see the mushroom gradually brightening. This process will create an unreplaceable memory.


    Every piece of work came from our hands. Upon completion, we iron the brand logo, inscribe a code on the craftwork, and even allow customized inscriptions, giving every craftwork a unique identity.


    Every product is attached with a homemade drawstring pocket. The product-and-bag combination can be a good gifting choice because the recipient can immediately see your thoughts for him/her. We hope the attached bag will continue to be used even after the product is taken out and placed in the house.

  • Extra services

    ✔Inscriptions by hand

    Every lamp is inscribed with a unique code for identification purposes. In addition, we can also inscribe (up to ten) English letters for you based on your request. The letters will be inscribed by hand. If you need the inscription to be in other languages, or wish to include more letters, please contact us.


    ✔Message cards

    We can write message cards on behalf of our customers. If you want to attach a handwritten message card to your gifting order, please contact us and let us know the message you wish to write on the card.


    We hope our products can fully convey thoughts from both you and us!

  • Must-knows before your purchase

    Every product is made and delivered by us instead of being bulk-manufactured in factories. If you are under time pressure, feel free to contact us to discuss the date of delivery before placing an order, and we will try our best to meet your demand.

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