The Mushroom is a unique and hand-made interactive light.

Place  the Secret Stone to turn on the lamp,

and observe the light of the mushroom fade to life.

The stone-shape switch is activated by using carefully hidden magnets Made from Maple, White Oak, and pulp.

Constructed using high-quality LEDs and batteries,

it can be placed in the best position without the obstruction of wires.

It is not limited by voltage and can be easily used world-wide.


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After my daughter was born, I had always contemplated about the inventions that I could produce to interact with her. One day, as I took her hiking,I saw the white mushroom that had grown out from the decayed wood in the nook, and felt the pulsations seeing the life-force of the nature. I longed to share with her who had fallen into deep slumber. I wanted to share this with her though she was asleep. Therefore, The Mushroom Light took form.










這份遇見小生命的驚喜與感動, 好希望能分享給在懷裡熟睡的小寶寶。








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The Mushroom | night light

  • Size/尺寸(cm)


    Light Source/光源

    3W warm white LED


    Interactive Switch

    Imput Voltage/輸入電壓

    AA battery X 3



    Maple楓木/White Oak白橡木/plup紙漿

    High-quality materials for electronic products高級電子材料


    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted


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