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The Tree on the Mountain Top | night light

The Tree on the Mountain Top | night light

Writing a new chapter of our lives where we moved to the mountains.


Yearning for a mountain life, our family moved from western Taiwan to the longitudinal valleys in eastern Taiwan. Now, having lived in the mountains for some time, we learned that the feeling of stability that comes with living here far exceeded what we had originally anticipated. The mountains are unaffected by the four seasons; their trees continue to grow and change, evoking a sense of warmth that we embrace.


Snails that we see regularly in the mountains climb to mountain tops to “light up” trees, symbolizing our longing for slowing down the living process and bringing feelings of stability, quietness, and warmth engendered by the mountains and forests into our home.


I feel deeply indebted to the mountains for how they have taken care of me. For example, when I go outside of the house after a day of housework, when I pick up/drop off my children to/from school on a bicycle (a 10-minute trip), and when I am in my car on the highway to run errands, I look at the valleys, endless cascading mountains, and mountains covered in layers and layers of clouds and mist, and feel emotionally relieved. During a trip to Taitung, following our plan to move to eastern Taiwan (together with our children) in the future, I and my spouse discussed whether we should live in the mountains or by the sea. After all, they entailed two completely different lifestyles. However, when we entered a valley a few days into our trip, we were immediately overwhelmed by a sense of stability and a sense that we had returned home. The mountains took us in, and that was the moment when we decided that they were where we wanted to live.


“Tree on the Mountain Top” represents our gratitude for the mountains and our yearning for the large trees at mountain tops. Despite living in the mountains, the mountains afar are still breathtaking to look at, and the few trees protruding from mountain ridges seem to be inviting us there for a better life. Over the course of our lives, we have sought to live steadfastly and savor the beautiful and challenging moments of life, patiently transforming the challenging moments into heartwarming experiences. Like snails, we learned to do everything one step at a time (although the snails often nibble away plant leaves that we look forward to growing overnight, we still love and appreciate the lessons of “taking it slow” that they have taught us) and patiently move towards achieving our goals. As we reach the mountain tops and see light being illuminated on the trees that we have been looking at, we learn how the long journeys up the mountains are worth it after all.


In addition to conveying the aforementioned concepts, this product demonstrates how we, Dozen, have, for more than a decade, shifted our production methods from using manual machine processing to understanding wooden materials and combining digital creations and processing together in order to incorporate ideas into our products. Our previous approach of relying solely on current technologies to create products has been abandoned. On the surface of the tree crowns, we use handmade papers instead of the usual paper pulp covering and tear cotton papers piece by piece before sticking them on the tree crowns, delicately accentuating the illuminated tree crowns. Additionally, we add pink washi to imbue the tree crowns with a sense of tenderness. 

  • Product Info



    Light Source

    3W warm white LED


    Interactive Switch


    Imput Voltage

    5V / USB


    Cord Length

    90 cm



    Maple/Walnut /White Oak/Washi

    High-quality materials for electronic products


    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted

  • Product features

    ▎A USB charger and heat-resistant woven cable

    Our products are powered through USB cables, so users can use them regardless of different voltages in different countries. They can even charge them by plugging them into computers or portable chargers, never having to worry about finding charging sockets. As for cables, we use high-quality heat-resistant woven cables, which are the best choices for giving products pleasant looks while ensuring safety. The connector is comprised of two pieces of wood with different colors, which helps users identify which side should face upward when plugged in. If you want to charge our products using a socket, you have to use USB converters.



    The high-quality LED  we use have up to 20,000 hours of lifespan. They do not emit heat when in use, but they can surely warm up the space with their yellow light.


    ▎Compound materials

    We use washi  to recreate the softness and texture of the cap for the tree


    ▎Fade in and out  light

    We spent a huge amount of time studying electric circuits because we want to use a fade in/out effect for the Tree, instead of adopting the traditional design that controls the light with a flip of a switch. In this way, we can demonstrate the inspiration we got from the Tree we feel.


    ▎Snail-like switch

    The snail on the mountain is a  switch. Place it inside the designated area or remove it to turn on/off the light.


    Every piece of work came from our hands. Upon completion, we iron the brand logo, inscribe a code on the craftwork, and even allow customized inscriptions, giving every craftwork a unique identity.


    Every product is attached with a homemade drawstring pocket. The product-and-bag combination can be a good gifting choice because the recipient can immediately see your thoughts for him/her. We hope the attached bag will continue to be used even after the product is taken out and placed in the house.

  • Non-expiring post-sales service

    If you have any questions concerning the usage of our products, feel free to contact us, so we can help you solve your problems. You are also welcome to mail your products back to us for maintenance. Our post-sales service is non-expiring; customers only have to pay fees for materials and shipment back and forth to enjoy the service.

  • Some notes on placing orders

    Since every piece of work from the studio is made by hand, please note that the studio needs time to work on your products when you place your orders, and that the time needed varies on our schedule and the number of orders we have. If you wish to place a gifting order, please contact us to designate the date and address for the delivery, so we can schedule the processing of your order to ensure that the items can be delivered at the time you wish.

  • Extra services

    Inscriptions by hand

    we can inscribe (up to ten) English letters for you based on your request. The letters will be inscribed by hand. If you need the inscription to be in other languages, or wish to include more letters, please contact us.


    Message cards

    We can write message cards on behalf of our customers. If you want to attach a handwritten message card to your gifting order, please contact us and let us know the message you wish to write on the card.


    We hope our products can fully convey thoughts from both you and us!

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