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Flow Island – Mountain forest

Flow Island – Mountain forest

This installation is an exploration of the passage of time, symbolized by a bird soaring through mountains and forests, guiding us on a solitary journey to find freedom and peace.


The Flow Island is intentionally designed without a visible time marker, but the bird's movement is engineered to complete a full cycle in 60 minutes.


It serves as a serene companion and a gentle reminder when you are spending time alone.


We invite you to experience the tranquility and liberation that comes from the flow of time; to immerse yourself in its rhythm and revel in the serenity and freedom that the Flow Island offers.



During the pandemic in 2022, we established a routine practice of yoga and meditation. This new habit inspired us to create the Flow Island; a timepiece that doesn't impose the pressure of time during moments of solitude, but instead fosters a connection to the real world while providing mental space to replenish our body and mind. It allows us to return to reality feeling refreshed and revitalized.

  • Product Info




    Maple/Walnut/Steel Wire

    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted

  • Characters

    This lamp is designed with a silent motor, allowing it to operate in a peaceful environment without any bothersome noise.

  • Notes

    This product requires one AA battery to operate.

  • Extra services

    ✔Inscriptions by hand

    Every lamp is inscribed with a unique code for identification purposes. In addition, we can also inscribe (up to ten) English letters for you based on your request. The letters will be inscribed by hand. If you need the inscription to be in other languages, or wish to include more letters, please contact us.


    ✔Message cards

    We can write message cards on behalf of our customers. If you want to attach a handwritten message card to your gifting order, please contact us and let us know the message you wish to write on the card.


    We hope our products can fully convey thoughts from both you and us!

  • Must-knows before your purchase

    Every product is made and delivered by us instead of being bulk-manufactured in factories. If you are under time pressure, feel free to contact us to discuss the date of delivery before placing an order, and we will try our best to meet your demand.

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