Place  the Secret Stone to turn on the lamp, 

and observe the light of the mushroom fade to life. 

The stone-shape switch is activated by using carefully hidden magnets

Made from Ash, White Oak, and pulp. 

Constructed using high-quality LEDs and batteries, 

it can be placed in the best position without the obstruction of wires.

It is not limited by voltage  and can be easily used world-wide.


We started designing an interactive nightlight for our daughter even before she was born. We pictured her playing with rocks with us, and that image inspired the prototype of the light. Since then, we started researching electric circuits, a concept unknown to us before, to explore all kinds of possibilities for lighting. Three months after our baby was born, we took her on a hike in the mountain, where we found white mushrooms standing in lines on wet and rotten logs in the bush. This surprising encounter inspired us to include a mushroom in the design. I hoped I could share with my daughter, sleeping sweetly and sound in my arms at that time, the touching feeling of coming across new lives, just as she did when she entered our life. Hence, I brought that memory back to the studio and designed a light that can spread the same touching feeling I experienced to every single home.


The Mushroom Family was a gift for my little daughter. It was inspired by the Mushroom. The birth of our little daughter added more joy to the family. We hope that the sisters can grow up and share the wonder of life on this piece of land.


We also want to share with you our love for our kids and the joy of life. We wish you all the best.


The rock serves as the switch. The mushroom will gradually light up after the rock is placed on the base, and will slowly turn dark and switch itself off once the rock is removed.






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The Mushroom Family | night light




    Light Source/光源

    3W warm white LED


    Interactive Switch

    Imput Voltage/輸入電壓

    AA battery X 3



    Maple楓木/White Oak白橡木/plup紙漿

    High-quality materials for electronic products高級電子材料


    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted