The Sleep Sheep is a hand-crafted, dimmable light, which utilizes wireless technology. The brightness can be adjusted according to one's individual needs. Made from Walnut, Ash, and wool-felt, it expresses the happiness that we have in our lives working with natural materials. Created using high-quality LED and USB sockets, it has an especially long lifetime and is easy to use globally.




This is a gift for my girls. I want to tell them bedtime stories or count sheep with them before they fall asleep. As the story comes to an end, the sheep also return to their home and go to bed with them. The wireless charging technology allows users to separate the sheep and the charging base. The sheep glows once again after the user returns it to the base.  Move the sheep around to adjust the brightness that makes you the most comfortable. The light is powered with a USB charger, which can be used everywhere in the world. The body of the sheep is wrapped with real wool, giving it a warm touch. One daughter has already turned six. The sheep accompanies them at sleep every night on behalf of us.



這是做給女兒的禮物, 我想在睡前陪她講故事、數綿羊, 故事結束了,綿羊就回到窩裡陪我們一起睡覺。 應用無線充電的技術,綿羊可以離開底座活蹦亂跳, 放回底座上就會發亮,移動綿羊的位置能夠將光線調整為適合每個人的亮度。 電源是USB插頭,全球皆可使用, 表面包覆的是真的羊毛,讓綿羊有溫暖的觸感。 現在女兒已經六歲,綿羊已經代替我們,每晚陪伴她們入睡。




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The Sheep | night light

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    Light Source/光源

    3W warm white LED


    Stepless Dimming


    Imput Voltage/輸入電壓

    5V / USB


    Cord Length/電線長度

    90 cm



    Maple楓木/Walnut 胡桃木/Wool Flet 羊毛氈

    High-quality materials for electronic products高級電子材料


    Made in Taiwan Hand crafted


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